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Your Scholar & Distance Learning

How are students and parents coping with this new way of learning?

The Effectiveness of Distance Learning for Youths

This pandemic has caused schools to switch teaching modalities so that students will continue to learn and effectively move through the school year. Schools around the world have transitioned their student body from physically attending school to online learning. Distance learning became a new way of learning very quickly and students had to adjust to logging on to an electronic device to attend school instead of getting on a school bus to attend school.

Are students really learning in this new environment or are they simply going through the motions of logging into their school account to complete an assignment and turn it in? Parents are concerned that their children are not engaged or motivated. Some parents do not have the knowledge or patience to be the at-home teacher. As challenging as this may sound there are some ways to overcome these obstacles. There are studies that have identified effective practices to help students adjust to distance learning.

Coping Strategies for Distance Learning

When in-doubt try these methods:

  1. MOTIVATION - The best way to keep your scholar motivated to learn is to set aside time to read with them. The key is to make it a team effort and show excitement during the reading activity.

  2. STAGGER SCREEN TIME - To inspire your scholar to stay engaged with wanting to complete their school work, consider giving them breaks through out the day. During break time allow them to use their imagination to create something or play a fun game that makes them physically move about.

  3. CONNECTION - It is so important to stay connected to your loved ones. Carve out some time for family time to connect with your child. Make sure they are staying connected to friends as well. Set up Zoom conversations and phone calls even if it's for just 10 minutes.

  4. TEAM BUILDING - Parents consider this time a team-building opportunity to work with your leaners teacher to make sure their school work is completed and turn in on time.

  5. PATIENCE - Studies show that on average it takes more than two months to develop a new behavior. Forming a new habit can take between 18 to 254 days, the time frame varies and depends on many contributing factors.

Online learning for young learners is a new platform that requires learning new habits, developing resilience, and practicing discipline.

Distance Learning is Not So Bad After All

The good news is distance learning is not so bad after all. Here at Max Opus Round, we have transitioned our #reading #program to an online program and it has been a great experience for our scholars so far. We are able to connect to students who are too far away to attend our in-person sessions. Sign up for MOR Literary Club and join the fun.


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