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Be a guest chaperone for the day during one of our field trips. Be a guest

teacher to conduct one of our literary circle sessions. Help with our round

of interviews and reviewing applications during the selection process. MOR Info


Help us create memorable moments to recognize the achievements of our

scholars and contributions of our current supporters by sponsoring one of  our annual galas. MOR Info


Various events will be presented throughout the year for both all of Max Opus

Rounds programs. MOR Info





Your donation will be used to directly support our mission by supporting our youths with classroom resources, community engagement initiatives, and professional development for our staff to continue to use best practices in serving our members.






$1,000 or More

Your generous donation will provide scholarship opportunities for members in the

literary club to travel abroad to expand their cultural awareness. Your donation will help

pay for travel, room and board and food. You are helping Max Opus Round Literary Club

cultivate rich experiences in our youth’s lives.


$100 Donation

A $100 donation will help purchase computer software to help our members stay engaged with coursework in the program and at home, and to purchase digital media such as tablets, computers, and printers. A $100 donation can pay for one-month tuition for one of our members.


$75 Donation

A $75 dollar donation will afford us the opportunity to purchase books and journals. Each member should be equipped with the supplies they need in order to be successful in this program. A $75 donation can also pay for three weeks tuition for one of our members. 


$50 Donation

A $50 donation will pay for travel and food during our in-town excursions. These funds will be allocated towards the members’ experiential learning and field trips through the Bestowment and Gallivanting

initiatives. It can also pay for two-week tuition for one of our members.


$25 Donation

A $25 dollar donation will help Max Opus Round Members with small supplies such as

pens, pencils, paper and other supplies for ongoing projects. It can also pay for one-week tuition for one of our members.


Any Amount

We appreciate any amount you are able to contribute to help support our efforts to

create sustainable opportunities for our youths through any of Max Opus Round


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