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How are you reinventing yourself during quarantine?

Stepping into a new normal can be scary for some while for others it creates excitement to experience something new.

Reimagine Your Life For a Moment

When the world began to wake up to COVID 19 and what we now know as a pandemic, some people were afraid and anxious while others remained oblivious to the seriousness of the matter. So many changes needed to take place in our daily lives in order for us to survive and thrive.

In this new norm that we were guided into, the question we must ask ourselves is who am I going to become post COVID 19? Will you adjust your attitude and be kind, will you have compassion and empathy, will you decide to reach for a better version of yourself, will you act on your dreams, will you accomplish a goal or two maybe three or more if you are an overachiever, or will you simply just remain stagnant and refuse to grow. This is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and become the better version of you. Push yourself to grow. Take charge of your life and do something different.

All it takes is starting with a new thought, then writing one sentence and keep going. Before you know it you would have written a paragraph and then maybe the book you have always wanted to write or may be a business plan or a new vision for your life. Write it down and make it plain then follow through and execute that plan.

Who will you become when we move past this?


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