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2000 – The Journey

There once was a 5-year-old boy who loved to read. He loved reading so much he requested his mother to read bedtime stories to him every night. His famous statement was “read it again”. After reading one story, The Turnip for what seemed like a million times, he would say “read it again”. He said that until he was either satisfied or fell asleep. His mother took notice of the appreciation her son had for literature and reading and thought there must be other children who love literature just as much. She came up with an idea to create a book club for children ages 5 and up. She created a business plan and registered a name. Life happened and the vision was placed on hold.

2013 - The Establishment

Fast-forward 10 years, her vision began to tug at her again, this time louder and harder. She knew there was a fundamental problem with reading amongst minority students and it needed a progressive solution. She also knew that those children needed consistent exposure to literature and art. Children need to have a third place. A place of solace, one other than home and school. After many nights and days of hard work, creativity, and persistence, a mother and son collaborated and the name of her organization was established, then the framework for Max Opus Round was finalized. 

What started out as one little boy’s love of literature & art morphed into an active movement to improve literacy for all children, hence the establishment of what we now know today as Max Opus Round.


The name Max Opus Round was conceived out of motherly instinct to take care of all children who are left behind. Opus means artistic work on a large scale. Round represents a circle and a place of belonging and inclusion.

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